Little Livers (Kid's Health)

I'm not so sure I have gone into much detail on Larry's goal... besides the obvious, Larry wanting you to be like him! (not a cirrhotic, silly!) A "LIVER" and then a "GIVER"... hehehe. Larry also wants to help those newly going through the transplant experience, especially families. It is nice because we get to practice on Larry (he doesn't mind) all the things that may help to increase chances of not needing a new liver for someone else (like River!!)
I also feel that sometimes the red carpet should be laid out for us "sickies"... and those with sick children should receive the most care. There should be no hotel staying for sick ones, or their families to be near a transplant hospital. They should have a home where they can stay together, whether it be the mom, dad, or child that is patient. Where families can connect and share their experiences. I want them to have nothing to worry about and will never be alone. It has been hard for Ricki to stay away from her son for weeks or months at a time, but if they would have been closer he could have visited daily.
To get at least one of my bed n' breakfasts for each transplant hospital, and of course, what kind of family project would "Larry's kids" be without a summer camp for transplant kid? Ya, it's a big goal but with Sally (Ricki's new liver) and in MY honor... We can get it done, it just might take a while.