Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liver Detoxing

Your liver is the organ that picks up breakdown products of your own metabolism and removes them from your body. The promoters of liver-detoxifying supplements tell you that their products "support healthy liver function" and help it do its job better. These products contain amino acids, which help the liver reduce levels of acetaldehyde from drinking alcohol; but you get the same amino acids from the protein in your food. They may also contain antioxidant vitamins, B12 and niacin, that have been shown to protect the liver from damage from certain poisons, but these vitamins are also found in your food. So you gain nothing from liver-detoxifying supplements that is not found in an ordinary, reasonably varied diet. Food is cheaper than supplements and provides other nutrients also.

If we had anything that would truly detoxify the liver, people would not die from hepatitis C and B and other liver diseases. The National Institutes of Health are sponsoring research in Vietnam and China to see if herbal remedies can help to treat liver disease. We have no results yet. Most scientists feel that there are no over-the-counter preparations that detoxify the liver. If you have signs of liver disease, such as fatigue, aches and pains, yellow skin and eyes, dark urine or light stools, check with your doctor. You may have a serious disease involving liver damage and you should not be trying to treat yourself with any over-the-counter product.

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  1. I pray everyday that the right decisions will be made and all turns out for everyone involved this is a very hard question to ask a person
    " HEY CAN I HAVE 1/2 YOUR LIVER " I really don't know how it will all turn out in the end but I do know that God will do the best for you Ricki, just keep believing and trusting in Jesus. God forgive me for those times when I get weak and doubt your word I am just scared. I do trust you . God bless my family and give us the peace we need so badly. In Jesus name Amen!