Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An amazing day for Donate Life

It was a magical day. Team Larry's first walk, and we didn't know quite what to expect.
Every single person there was just glowing, so proud to be there! Each story made you smile and cry at the same time. Me and Larry were very tired to say the least, but we did it all the way to the finish line (shhhh, we did the 1K) but we still did it!! I was so proud of my friends and family that were there to support us. They knew how important this is to us! We have to spread the word guys... life - Live it then Give it!!

Even my husband was amazed at the magnitude of people at CSUF.

Every single beautiful gesture from the lighting to the "flame of Life" to the release of doves and even a release of a balloon for each person who became a donor in 2009... was amazing!

Larry and me got special recognition with a special number to wear and green beads!  I even got to take a picture with the USC Transplant staff... these are the ones that are going to be taking care of me and "Sally" in just a few months!!

 We got big plans for 2011 though... big plans, no excuses next year! you better be there!!

Spread the word! Live Life then Give Life!!

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