Friday, April 22, 2011

You are not alone - kids with HepC

A fellow mom  pointed out this website (hepatitisc kids) for kids with HepC. It also has a chat forum for teens battling the disease, which I wish was around when I was younger.
I personally am very interested in hearing how other parents are dealing with having a child with Hep C? Are you doing treatments, or waiting for something better? Do you have a special diet for them, do they take special supplements? Besides keeping my sons diet healthy, giving him vitamins w/ extra C, and really keeping medications away unless completely necessary. (He has to be really miserable or have a pretty high fever to get anything.) I am also waiting a little while on treatments for him. I think in a few more years they will have things fine tuned and may not even have to include interferon. Would love to hear from some other mommas (or dads).

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