Thursday, April 22, 2010

A few people Larry stalks... errr, check's up on.

Hey guys... I am not feelin 100% this morning and am in need of a favor. My friend Jenn is in recovery from her liver transplant and though complications and signs of rejection are very common for transplant patient soon after surgery, she is having some problems and needs our prayer and good vibes! She is very inspiring to me... not only is she a younging like me (yup..I'm. 29 years young) her brother donated part of his liver to her, she is a military fiance' and all in all just a cool gal! My buddy!!

Another girl (whom I don't know, but follow) however starting to do well from her lung transplant about 6 weeks back.  You wanna see inspiring, Rachy was in hospice just months before she fought to get a transplant. She is only 22 (i believe) and the strongest warrior yet!! 
 Here is her story.

 Rachy's story - Anything but ordinary

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