Monday, April 19, 2010

Larry Jr. and more on Children with HCV

 Tonight, I laid my head on River's chest as he slept just to listen to his little heart pounding away. I don't know if it is because we did some gardening and I was up and moving around a lot but Larry has been "uncomfy" to say the least. So while my two men slept I started to become a tad bit emotional thinking about my little angel next to me who carries the same HepC Virus as his momma. He is by far right now the healthiest 4 year old I have ever seen... and I just want to continue that. But how? I get no do-overs with his health and though right now I would never even consider treatments on him because I just feel the side effects are to many and unknown for the Peg-intron treatments I went through almost 10 years back. So what do I do? Well, obviously it has been hard to stay focused on my own liver health when my son is HepC positive, but I'm learning our managements are pretty much the same, minus all the prescription drugs.
Eating healthy and exercise are key for River right now along with his multi-vitamin and extra Vit C. He is on no medications and (Thank God) has ever even needed antibiotics. We don't do any over the counter drugs unless that kid has a fever over 100 (or if he says it hurts...) River actually loves salad and raw veggies and is not the biggest meat eater either, and since this house now cooks everything to stay within a sodium budget (Even Jason has become a HUGE advocate with this, and actually finds certain chips and stuff to salty for his palette now too!)

River will also now have his own binder like mom (with just labs for now). His first test will be to see if he has anything genetic, like iron over-load or deficiencies that can harm the liver over time. Every year after, I will MAKE them check virus levels AND overall liver function. I will also periodically, throughout the years, MAKE them do an ultrasound on lil Larry Jr. (nothing invasive or radioactive unless 100% pre-approved by me, dad, and google ..hehehe..)
With all of that, lots of prayer, and hope for a cure - River should never need a new liver. However, if he ever does, my "plan B" of making sure that Organ Donation shortages are a thing of the past!!
So I will leave you with this before they find me sleeping face down in facebook tomorrow morning.

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